On the 17th of June, me and some other students attended the Slade School of Fine Art MA/MFA/PHD show.

The building where the show was hosted took us a while to find as it was not well signposted. This put us in quite a mix up however after finally arriving we thought there would be more advertising directing us to the building itself.

When we entered the building we were explained about the map and layout by a woman at the entrance and a board with a map printed on it. I asked about hand outs or leaflets but there was not any. This was a shame as the building itself turned out to be quite a complexed layout and I feel we could have benefited from a map.

We started off our journey in the ground floor of the building discovering a range of different art pieces on many different scales. One of the first pieces that caught my eye was called Robin’s adventures around London and consisted of installations, drawings and interactive pieces on two levels. I thought the piece was cleverly done and the etchings the artist had produced were stunning. This was only enhanced by a part of the piece that made me think of my exhibition piece.

WP_20150617_002 WP_20150617_004 WP_20150617_013  WP_20150617_016


Following the route along there was an interesting video piece shown in a room that was lit by UV lighting however the room has a pink tint to it. Alongside this there was some objects. I thought this was an interesting way of displaying video as opposed to in a dark room.


Another one of the pieces that I took interest in was on the second floor and its layout reminded me strongly of Wolfgang Tillman’s work. The colours of the canvases were bright and drew us into the piece and were set out on the wall in an alternative way. I thought the artist had put a lot of thought into the display of their work.



These pieces caught my eye the most out of all the ones in the show, I thought they were interesting and to me they drew the viewer in. The way the artist has colour matched and created a mixture of abstract and realist elements was very clever. I think these were some of my favourite pieces in the show. They were simple and effective and did not seem to be trying to hard as some of the other work felt. The size and height of the work was agreeable for the viewer and the windows helped these pieces to be well lit and easy to see.

WP_20150617_026 WP_20150617_027


Although a lot of the pieces at the Slade were well done, I did not enjoy the exhibition as an ensemble. I found the fact of not having a map nor descriptions next to the pieces distracting and frustrating as I felt in the cases a lot of the pieces I wanted to learn more. I noticed all the rooms unless video rooms were lit by  purely natural light . I thought this might not be so agreeable if the show goes until dusk as there is no directed lights on the works. The building itself was an interesting shape however without the map it was difficult to know where exactly where we had or had not been. This I feel distracted from the overall experience.

Overall the work produced at the Slade school was of a good quality standard however I felt it was let down by the lack of map and description along with the lighting.


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