The last exhibition/degree show I went to see was at the Royal Academy and was the Schools Show.

Although the entrance was quite a challenge to find, it was well signposted and people around were helpful in directing us. When we entered the show we were given a map showing the 17 artists whose work was on display.

The path was easy to follow and you could always see where you had been and where there was to go.

The first pieces that caught my eye were by Declan Jenkins and showed a selection of black and white screen prints. I liked how big the screen prints were and how powerful they were together in the room. The spotlights and the natural light enhanced the work however I would have liked to discover the ideas behind the work.

WP_20150617_049 WP_20150617_050

I also appreciated the work of Sean Steadman. I thought it was clever how he had created a painted layered work on canvases using both 2D and 3D elements. He worked in a larger scale which I also thought worked well as he filled up the room emerging us in his pieces.


I was also taken in by the printing work by Maria de Lima. I recognised some skills I had learnt in University and it was great to see work of this quality using simple but effective skills. I would have in this case liked to have known  the idea behind the work as I think it could be intriguing.


Another painting piece that caught my eye was by Hannah Bays. I thought the way the colours had been blended and mixed had worked especially well and the colour palette was bright and drew me in. I am intrigued to know why the artist added in the mask in the corner. I would have liked to know the significance behind this work.


The last piece that I appreciated was an installation piece by Rebecca Ackroyd. I loved the colour and the way the work was pieced together and how it took up the whole room and filled the whole of the space. The mixture of materials also looked great and I was particularly taken by the painting on the back wall which I though looked like a door to another dimension. To me this piece represented an imaginary world where we could cross into many dimensions. I though fantasy played an important part in this artwork.

WP_20150617_079 WP_20150617_081



Overall I thought the Royal Academy was one of the best shows I have seen so far. I thought the flow and the lighting was really focussed and not at all distracting. I would have liked to have discovered more about the pieces through descriptions that may have been well placed near the artwork. However I appreciated the artwork being shown and it did inspire me to create on a larger scale.


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