This year the essay unit centred around Globalisation and looking at its effects in art. in order to have the best outcome possible we needed to look in depth at not only globalisation throughout art but through a range of contextual positions. I chose to look at Historical, Popular Culture, Political and Geographical. The lectures that were part of this unit were really interesting and Gemma made them research based at the same time as making them manageable and exciting to listen to. There was a good amount of lectures which ensured they did not go on to long or did not become to overloaded with information. From these lectures it enabled me to get a good starting point for my essay and help me to understand how the essay could work and be structured well. It also gave me a lot of research points and explanations to alternative art pieces that definitely aided me in research starters for my own work. This unit was very researched based which was key in broadening our research intake and methods. Our essay was centred around an exhibition that was chosen individually, I feel this aided us in looking into a subject that we wanted to do. I selected to do an exhibition in the Tate Modern called Poetry and Dream. The aim of the exhibition was to discover surrealism and pieces of art that have responded and diverged from this movement. I chose to look into women in the 20th century in a three different countries each representing a different era of women. This helped me to look into political and social occurrences happening in the countries where each piece of art was produced.   My first research looked at Portrait of a Young Woman by Meredith Brampton. In this research I looked in depth at women in Britain during the interwar years. This gave me the chance to look back at women in my own culture and look more into the rights of women and women during the wars. Along with this I also looked into the realism movement that contrasted the surrealism movement and how it could be diverged from it. The second piece I looked into was The Emancipated Women is building Socialism, a Russian Revolutionary poster by Adolf Strakhov-Braslavsky. This helped me to discover women in a certain passage of Russian History and the power of women. This gave me the opportunity to look into a historical event as well as the way in which women were regarded throughout this period. The last piece I looked at was The Nude in a Red Armchair by Pablo Picasso. This took me into looking at societies views on nudity and how that has transformed over the course of history. Along with this I looked into Picasso’s life and his relationships with women, although this was not as relevant for my study it helped me to get a better view of how piece was painted and constructed and the views of Picasso. This unit interested me a lot, I have grown in the way I take on a research project. Looking through a range of both books and journals as well as websites has helped me to expand the resources and information I have been able to gather. Looking back on the unit I feel that I need to complete my blog alongside the essay to enable me to improve the amount of information I can relay on my blog. However due to the amount of time I had for my essay I struggled completing all these tasks at once. I feel in order to complete both my blog and essay to a higher standard I need to organise my research so that once I have all my resources I can then put it into essay format. From here any additional research I have to do can be done in a more organised manner. Along with this I feel timekeeping is key and I need to make a plan to stick to in order to be more successful in my final year essay.


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