My second year at university has been a time of experimentation and learning new skills working towards my third year.

This year we have completed three projects throughout the course of the Studio Practice Unit.

The first project called Night Watch was based on Film Noir. We had to choose a film from this genre and create a piece from this. This project was very thought provoking for me as I have never really watched films of this genre before and it is something that I found really exciting. I discovered something new both in research and in my practice. For this project my final outcome was an installation piece. I have not looked extremely in depth at installation before and coming across certain challenges I faced during this creation helped me to learn how to overcome certain problems that I would not have encountered if I had not been brave enough to attempt to use certain materials and machines. Using wood as a material is also something new I have discovered and also how to manipulate it and its properties.  Having an exhibition as the final outcome for this project really boosted my confidence and especially with it being situated in London. This project inspired me to try more daring materials and experiment more. However after this project finished I was convinced I was not going to create installation again.

The second project called Cut Up was a joint project working with the Photography and Video Art students. This project challenged us to use photography and create something manually made rather than digitally. This was where I personally feel I done the most experimentation working up to my final outcome and also where I struggled the most. Having my final piece put into light during the critique made me really rethink my methods of practice and what I created in the end. Having a critique that looked into my work as much as this one did, knocked my confidence in a big way however it taught me how to bring myself back up. I learnt that this will happen to me my whole career as an artist and I should take more away from it more than doting on what happened. I felt that at the end of the project, the final outcome I produced after my critique carried more strength than the previous one.

The final project was the one I felt most engaged in. The subject I selected of William Morris and the textile industry interested me a lot and I felt connected with my work. I think I put a lot of thought into this project and I was extremely happy with my final outcome. I came really far in learning more about Photoshop as a program to the point where I feel confident using this program. This is the first time where I have based my work solely on my research point. My research became something I was really devoted in discovering and its historical and artistic content inspired me in a big way.

From this and during the Creative Enterprise unit I made my work into a 3D installation piece rather than a digital selection of pieces. This again was a continuation that I am extremely proud of, again I challenged myself and I have come out with an outcome I appreciate.

This year I feel my strongest points have been using textiles within my work with Screen Printing and also enhancing my research methods. I have enjoyed each project that I have completed this year and I feel I have been left with three completely different outcomes. This has reinforced my practice and the different materials I am capable of using and I have found painting as something I have appreciated a lot more as a medium.

Along with this having the chance to be the AA2A artist representative has enhanced my work as an artist, being able to interview artists and being able to see their ideas in action has taught me a lot about being a practitioner after University.

However although this year has had many upsides, I have struggled with keeping up and managing my time.  I feel that in some cases it took a little while to start off my projects and I think that next year I need to work from my experimentation. Along with this I believe that keeping on top of my blog work is key and in the middle of the year I lacked on this aspect. Next year I know I can work on this in a stronger way.

Overall I feel from this year I am leaning more towards working both digitally and with textiles, something that from my last project I have really enjoyed doing. Moving on to next year my aims are to put more strength on my blog, continue with experimentation and work on analysis and improving my work from this.


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