In December I went to see an exhibition on Andy Warhol’s life in Marseille. The exhibition was comprised of several rooms each showing an era of Andy Warhol’s life.

The exhibition showed a mixture of different pieces of Warhol’s work and a range of medias. This was enhanced by a section of paper clipping, letters, cards and gifts from the whole of his life, preserved in glass cases placed around each room. The items were set out in ways enabling us to read them and discover them. It opened up a different side to Warhol and we could further discover his life.

This exhibition was insightful as I found out information about Andy Warhol, his friends and his acquaintances and his life out of the spotlight. Although there was not that many original works on show, some of the ones such as Flowers. In some places there was music by Lou Reed and John Cale who paid hommage to Warhol in their concert “Songs for Drella”.

I found this exhibition insightful and a good addition to my artist research. The curation was interesting especially for a gallery showing both life events and some pieces created during that time. Having video and audio mixed in with the pieces enhanced the work and was an addition to the atmosphere as the viewer walked around. Overall I really appreciated this exhibition and I would go and see something of the same genre again.


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