After having a session with Chris in the library, Penny and I learnt how to research and source journals and books. For this briefs we chose a journal to review in a critical manner.

I chose this article mainly for its colourful and appealing outlay and the fact it is about a piece of public art. The article Tunnel Vision written by Minna Proctor published in Art Review and is about artist Chino Aoshima and her two part exhibition City Glow and Paradise. After looking through both Creative Review and Art Review and a selection of different editions of these journals I thought this was one of the most eye-catching and I wanted to choose an article that talked about a piece of art, not just something that happens in the art world.

I found the article very interesting and a positive view on public art that is a change from what we would see in the subway on a regular basis. I think having public art shown in this way does in fact plant into commuters brains as they subconsciously make their daily journey. It was a discovery to learn about the artist and her first public piece and her interest in seeing her pieces become a part of people’s daily lives. This is not a common way of display and I discovered it was in fact a curated exhibition. This is another difference of this art piece compared to other contemporary pieces and some of Aoshima’s previous work such as Tsunami.


Journal — Art Review, June 2005, Tunnel Vision (Pg 80-85)


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