This series of films from the film club this term centre around the theme, About Looking. I chose to go and see The Eyes of Laura Mars.
The film is based around the character Laura Mars, a famous photographer known for her photographs containing violent and sometimes controversial situations. However Laura is no ordinary photographer, she can see through the eyes of a killer.
The story looked at Laura’s life and the events that surrounded her and the killings taken place. Explaining what she sees to the police, she befriends John Neville the detective of these murders. After realising she has nothing to do with them, she helps him to solve the mysteries. However in the end, after thinking the killer may be her ex-husband or even her driver, an ex-criminal, to her horror it turns out to be John Neville who she has started up a relationship with.
I thought the film was cleverly done and took on a lot of pertinent themes of that era. There was a series of interesting camera shots and the mixture between the different film styles angles and point of views worked really well.
I am not sure how this film can inspire me however it has opened my eyes to another style and genre of film. I am not usually a watcher of horror films so this is also a new style, however I feel that horror of 1978 and today are very different. The special effects that the film industry has today enhance the genre, however in the 70’s the acting and the camera angles had to produce this fear. I think that in the future I would like to more films such as this one to open my horizons and I hope inspire me for my future projects.

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