On the 3rd of March we had a bookbinding session with Rose. I was really excited for this session because I feel bookbinding is a skill I can take forward with me for my third year.
The first thing Rose done was introduce us to the tools that we would use.
  • The Scalpal
  • The bookbinding needle ( a thick and long needle)
  • Linen thread (super strong)
  • Orle (for poking holes)
  • Bone Folder ( for folding paper)
  • Shoe Knife (cuts paper)
  • Sharp Pencil
  • Steel Ruler


She then introduced to the bookbinding method
1. Find the grain of the paper and always fold along the grain of the paper
2. Fold the paper using the bone folder
3. Use the shoe knife to cut the paper
4. Cut to just after halfway
5. Cut the top edge and fold again
6. Repeat the cut
7. Put numbers on each page ( this helps to do a mock up on indesign)
8. Put the spine on cutting line and use the ruler and scalpal to trim
9. Put clip on foreedge to hold together
WP_20150303_008 WP_20150303_007
10. Put holes in spine of book
11. Thread book together in the appropriate way
WP_20150303_009 WP_20150303_010 WP_20150303_011 WP_20150303_012
WP_20150303_014 WP_20150303_015 WP_20150303_016
I really enjoyed the bookbinding session, I found it insightful for my future practice. I has definitely encouraged me to be more adventurous and taught me that bookbinding is not as difficult as I previously thought it was.

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