Coming to the end of my Skill Sets I had two very interesting but different poster designs.

The first was based off my Digital workshop. As I have previously explained in that section, my poster looks at toys of 2025 which to people of 2050 for example, seem old and dated. The poster is a follow up to my website and shows four of the toys that are offered.

The first version of my poster had stripes as the background pattern however after gathering feedback I could see that is was not working effectively. It was for this reason I decided to change to background colour to a similar one but a block colour. This worked a lot better and was not so visually complexed. The poster started to look more like a poster. Although I visually am pleased with the outcome of this poster, I do not feel that it mixed my two skills that I have focussed on over the past year.


My second poster is based off one of my drawings I completed in the Skill Sets Drawing class. The poster depicted hot air balloon boats floating in an area covered in water. This sparked off an interesting idea for me about how this could be the only way of travelling in the future. I had a think about what are some of the pertinent subjects today about the world and our environment.

I started to imagine this scene as Antartica or the Arctic where it is possible by 2050 these areas could be somewhat submerged in water.

I did some research looking at  the NRDC, The National Resources Defence Council, (http://www.nrdc.org/globalwarming/qthinice.asp). I found out a wealth of information about the melting ice caps in these regions. Antarctica and the Arctic are both highly sensitive regions where the average temperate is rising double to anywhere else in the world. The ice is getting thinner and therefore rupturing and melting, this means that the sea levels are rising, endangering everyone on the planet. At the end of this century these regions could be ice-free. This not only has threats to us but the ecosystem for the wildlife and also the natives of these areas whose entire villages could be swamped.

Looking into this I wanted to adapt my image to show that by 2050 the ice caps could be inhabitable and the wildlife could become extinct.

I decided to look into Polar Bears and the effects on them as a species as I know they are slowly becoming extinct due to this phenomena. There are only 20,000 – 25,000 Polar Bears left, fortunately 60 % of these reside in Canada. The IUCN classes Polar Bears as a Vulnerable species. Polar Bears rely on sea ice to hunt, travel, breed and den.

(Source : http://www.polarbearsinternational.org/about-polar-bears/climate-change)

I looked at making my work into an illustration. I have recently been intrigued by Graphic Design Illustrations.

annualreport,graphicdesign,illustration-d582edf606f9d5f2e0628f067cd49dc3_h 10bd67cce30359d16f4db4ae14a224d7





Images such as the above have become of great interest to me, especially the construction of them. I think the vivid colours work really well and the images stand out and take us on a journey in themselves. This is a style that I would like to explore. I know that the image will not be as neat and as complexed by my style of work however it is based in the roots of these images and this graphic illustration style.

I did not know how to make them until I thought about mixing my digital skills with my drawing skills. I worked previously mixing fine liner drawings with illustrator and photoshop but never charcoal. I wondered what effect I could get from this. Would it work? Would the lines be too bold? Which lines would it pick up?


This is how my work looked put into Illustrator and them image traced. I thought the sea had a great effect and had kept its unique style. The balloons had enough white space to be coloured and the image was distinguishable. From here I put my image into Photoshop and cropped and coloured it using shading techniques whilst keeping its original form.

This is the image part way through its transformation.


This is the final image. I had gathered some feedback on the colours, the grey sky was suggested as opposed to a lighter white colour and before my balloons were red and white.


This is an outcome I am happy with however I did not feel contextually it worked with my concept. I thought about how I could make my idea work. I decided to put a human in it to see if that would start to make my work have more sense.


This concept worked an it made the poster have more sense, however the style of the human did not work well with the overall style of the piece. I tried again using a thicker pen to see if that would merge more easily.


This style worked in a stronger way and the Polar Bear map again enhanced the overall concept. The human is searching for Polar Bears in an area that is submerged in water. Although it is clear this image works better than my previous work, I still feel it is missing something. Also from my research I know that there would still be some ice in this era.

After adapting my image further. I have found another way of showing the “failed” polar expedition.



I have decided to submit this as my final poster. For me it shows Nostalgia of 2025, looking back to where Polar Bears would have been alive but now due to the mass effects of global warming and the melting ice caps are extinct. They no longer have an ecosystem which they can live and survive within. These boats use hot air balloons to power themselves and fly as they wish to avoid the dangerous remains of ice caps and the flooded Arctic and Antarctic continents. In 2050 the Poles are still considered as existing but it is hard to call them continents. The boats aims are to research the lack of polar life and ecosystem.

From an artist point of view, this skill sets work has helped me to discover what I can do with different medias. I never thought I could successfully manipulate and image that used charcoal mixed with digital. Looking into images that are similar I have not found an abundance of images using these tools. I think my poster is successful and I am pleased with my outcome. I wanted to mix the two skill sets I completed over the course to show my competency in both. Although I appreciated the Toy Shop poster and felt it had a very alternative message to provide about the future of our planet. In the end I went with a message slightly more sinister that even though is a fun and playful image, still has an underlying fear for the viewer.



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