The Female Unit

The Female Unit exhibition took place on the 12th-16th April and the Private View was on the closing night.

The Female Unit managed to publicise their exhibition early, this meant they attracted a lot of attention along with doing several fundraising selling cakes and drink and doing hairstyles. They had a logo which was central for their exhibition and it became very recognisable throughout the weeks before.

There poster went up long before the show and I thought having the Private View on the closing gave them more opportunity to get their name out there.

The show was set in the Bear Club, a jazz and blues club not far from the University. The curation of the show was very well done. Everyone’s work had enough space to itself and the labels next to the work described the pieces as well as the press release. This was the only one that was set up in this way. As the club was quite dark the artificial lighting worked well on the pieces however one lamp was needed at the back for a piece of work.

The selection of food and drink was such a variety and they even supplied vegetarian food. However it was a shame they only had a limited number of drinks but it was great people could buy their own from the bar, this became very popular.

I felt the space was vast and even through each piece had enough space in some cases it could get a little lost.

I thought this show was a great success. All the artists were socialising with everyone and talking about their work, there was a lot of people present and again a good atmosphere was present.



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The exhibition Convergence was held in the Gallery Space of the University on the 28th April-3rd May with the Private View on the 28th April.

The artists involved were Rob, Adeline, Claude, Monsur, James and Anna. Each of the artists presented their work around the theme of being Convergent, therefore celebrating their artistic differences.

I thought it they worked very well with publicity having a Facebook page and a poster set up well before their show. I felt this worked in their favour as it was accessible for a lot of people to come and view and people knew in advance.

I admire the use of the gallery space and its complexed shape. I felt their curation around this shape was strong however it was a shame Rob’s work had to be separated. Although it still did work as a whole. I thought the individual style of the artists came together really well and the pieces had a good progression and did work together even though they encompassed different themes.

It was a shame that the space in London did not work out for this group because it would have been great to have seen this show in a London space.

My critique for this show would have only been the labels. It was not so professional having them put labels up during the exhibition’s Private View and they should have been cut neater to make  them sit with the work and not stand out so much.

However I really enjoyed the Private View, it was great having a musical accompaniment that I know fitted in with Claude’s piece. It was helpful having the Press Release available to read and then take away with us and there was a good selection of drinks and nibbles. The atmosphere was positive and upbeat and I think that added to the overall mood of the space.



11216367_1588169978127848_896003016_nWP_20150428_002 WP_20150428_001

Inglorious Artists 

Even having previous issues with their exhibition space, I felt the Inglorious Artists came back really well presenting us with a broad and exciting exhibition. The exhibition took place 29th April -3rd May and having a Private View on the 29th.

Just as the Convergence exhibition their publicity was well done having both a poster and a facebook set up for a while. This was accompanied by the Le Café Photo in which they sold coffee and tea in the Alexon Building to collect money towards their exhibition. The publicised in here too.

The exhibition itself worked really well. Each artist had done their own work in the genre of Photography and Video Art. The first artist looked at Graffiti and Art ,the second looked at Boundaries, the third studied the painters palette and the relationship with photography using screen printing, and finally the last fantasy and fakery.

The video reel was also set up to rotate several videos made by these artists that in some cases related to their previous images.

The show itself had a great atmosphere and there was a lot of people present, it took place at the Departure Lounge in Luton. The space itself was spacious and set over three rooms leaving each artist with enough space to breathe. The room that worked the best was the video room with the work of Graham Matthew’s on the wall. Because of the Private View being at dusk I felt the room could adapt to both night and day with out taking away anything from the work. The other two rooms in the daylight were spacious and full of light however in the dark they lacked directed light and the artificial lights of the room did not give them the credit they deserved.

I thought the labels and press release were well executed, having the poster outside helped to entice members of the general public.

Overall this exhibition was strong and showed each individual artists skill and talent.

Inglorious_Artists IMG_7993 Inglorious_Artists_Program_sheet.pdf Inglorious_Artists_Press_Release 2


Who Are We? 

The Exhibition Who Are We? was set up by five other students from Fine Art, Erin, Sam, Blake, Shedana and Emmanuel. The show took place in the Gallery Space of the University from the 5th-8th of May and the Private view was held on the 5th May from 5pm-7pm.

I had seen the poster throughout the week and I thought it was really well done and made the viewer want to discover more as each persons face had been blacked out.This highlighted well the theme that the artists were looking at.

All the pieces shown by each individual artist worked really well together. The theme was definitely encompassed throughout. The space was an interesting shape and not a square room making it harder to work with and curate and I feel they did a good job making the work, work in the space. it had a progression to it and you were led carefully onto the next piece. Due to the show happening in the light, the natural light helped to illuminate the work as well as having artificial light from above.

Each artist also used an alternative media ranging from drawing to ceramics.

I appreciated the fact of having a press release to take away with us, reminding and informing us of the work as individual pieces and as a whole. The presentation of the labels next to the work was neat and smart and did not take away from the pieces in any way.

Overall I feel this was a strong exhibition and it was clear a lot of hard work was put in. It was a shame that Emmanuel’s piece had to be shown in a separate room and not projected on the wall next to the other work because I think it would have added a lot to this mixed media show.


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