On Tuesday 5th May we set up our exhibition ready later that evening for the Private View. We started off by decided whose walls were whose and how the space could work effectively in different ways. Having previously visited the space I had a vague idea of where I wanted to be, a corner or next to a pillar was an ideal place for me.

The space that I occupied was in the middle of one of the larger walls next to a pillar. My piece was easy to set up because of it being an installation I needed just to experiment with what looked right. I had done several sketches and looked at catalogues before hand enabling me to have a rough idea.

I placed the chair and the table side by side and my canvases were stuck to the wall using command strips.


My next stop was to print and make the labels to go next to our work.I chose to write the labels in what I found a suitable typography that looked professional. Here is the PDF of our labels.


Fatima Label

Each label was printed then cut and mounted on mount board to make it stick out from the wall. I had to guillotine the mount board to the right size. I found this a challenge and getting a straight line was hard.

This is my label ready for the show. All the labels were put up using command strips, each time the artist chose the place of their label.


After I had completed this task I helped the others set up their work. A lot of them used frames and nails so we had to do a lot of measuring. Unfortunately this was easier said than done, the walls were plaster and the floors wonky. This meant a lot of the work had to be done by eye which is not as accurate however when possible we use measuring tapes and spirit levels to get the work straight and at equal distances.

Another issue we encountered was with the projector. We spent a while trying to find the right angle and settings. Fortunately Franciska knew how to use one well so she managed to take over in order that it was set up correctly. She also worked out the sound settings.


On the day we also went shopping to collect food and drink for the Private View. This was a new challenge as well, we felt we had to cater to everyone. In the end we chose to have two bottles of wine, a crate of Carlsberg, bottles of juice and muffins. We already had plastic cups left over, napkins and plates. Along with this we brought a table cloth to protect the table.



On the table we placed the sheet showing the names and sizes of our work and also a short description of the show itself.


Although we felt we were quite pressed for time throughout, the setting up of the exhibition went really well. I think we pulled together as a team especially throughout the last moments. We all needed each others skills and thoughts and I do not think any of us could have done it on our own.




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