Having finished now the Creative Enterprise unit I think although at times it was incredibly stressful, I feel that it was a great success.

At the beginning the group had a positive feeling searching for venues and visiting however we underestimated how hard the venue search would be walking into many dead ends and financial worries. It became harder and harder to find a venue which is the reason I think we concentrated some of our efforts on publicity.

Having the “no” from Central Beds was also tough however I think it helped us pull together as a team towards the end of this project. It involved being a lot more confident and forward with venues than we had been previously. It also started us off being more actively fundraising to get the venue we wanted. The fundraising was a good opportunity and it is something that made us stand out. Having to set that up and make food and sell things took up a lot of time especially whilst we were making our own work on the side.

Working in a group is something that was different about this unit too. I have not up until now worked as a group within a University setting and that was something I had to get used to. Having had personal projects suddenly have to cooperate and collaborate with other people was tough and it involved a lot of emailed, organising and meeting up. I think group working has made me a stronger practitioner and it is vital as one to be able to work in a vast range of situation and with a range of people.

Creative Enterprise has also helped me to make my work into something ready for an exhibition. I do not think this has been something present in my work previously. I am pleased with my final piece outcome for this project and how my piece sits within the whole exhibition. I have been able to bring the digital into 3D.

Overall I was really happy with how the exhibition looked and turned out. Everyone was positive and pulled together especially in the final moments. Everything fitted together well and looks coherent, our labels and press release added to the pieces and the labels were put carefully next to the work and looked neat. This was a good exercise because it is something that is real life and something we are sure to encounter in the future. I think being able to complete this as a task in University leads us onto the future and prepares us for after we leave. Along with this it is essential to have knowledge of how to create an exhibition for our third and final year.

 RRJ Link: aliceeaton1305640.wordpress.com


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