Concetta Gallo Price is a Interior Product Designer. She started her career path at Bath University studying Ceramics where she obtained a first and went on to study at the RCA. Concetta works mainly in shops designing products and ranges. She first worked at Habitat in 2006 where in 2007 she launched the Concetta Range. She is primarily a freelance artist but not full time. From working at Habitat she was also asked to complete objects to go within rooms, it was at this stage she created a Jane Eyre story mirror, characters out of resin, figurines such as brass doorstop beetles and decorative rabbits. After this she worked briefly at the University of Bedfordshire part time whilst Freelancing for Debenhams.

During Christmas 2010 she created pieces for Topshop when they were on the verge of creating a homeware section in their stores. She worked on a children’s range mainly involving dolls in all of her designs. She went on to work until Christmas 2011 until the range closed.

In 2011 Concetta started working for George (Asda) working further up north. It was here she started working more with trends and trend patterns. She showed us some of them such as Pastel Party (working with venetian style, elle and macaroons), Into the Blue (fresh blue colours) Fantasy (subtle and sophisticated, nature, handpainted text, gold highlights) and Dolls House ( a collaboration with artist Amelie Roberts).

Concetta explained how she get to travel a lot to places such as Hong Kong, China, India, Portugal and within the UK.  Along with this she also went through how a press shoot works and how products get photographed within this.

After three years of working for George she moved to M&S. Here she has created three ranges Deco, Folk Story and Loft.

I thought Concetta’s talk was really inspiring and it is a type of art I am very much interested in looking at when I leave University. I know I need to start making contacts now for the future ready to set myself up positively for after University.


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