The second skill set was Networking. The aim of Networking was to enhance our presentations skills whilst improving on our body language and confidence building on from what we had done in Present and Promote last year.

The Networking skill set had an extremely positive and relaxed atmosphere, this was crucial for me because it immediately helped me to feel a lot more comfortable especially knowing I would have to talk in front of a group. Throughout the sessions I have gained a lot of confidence talking to a group of people. In all the exercises Mo helped us to improve our body language and how we came across to an audience, this also involved adapting our speech to be able to talk to a bigger audience.

Mo was preparing us for a goal and I feel that helped me to use my skills and knowledge within a group of people. Although I was upset that our bid did not get chosen in the Dragons Den I know the experience was more valuable. Writing a bid and creating a script is a skill that is definitely transferable, this could even help write a proposal for an exhibition .

Within each workshop although we were split into groups each group was positive about each others work. I thought this was a good group work atmosphere where people were not afraid to propose suggestions about others work. This also got me to talk to other people who I would not usually talk to and I found it a great way to find out others skills and ideas.

Overall I am happy with how this skill set turned out. The skills I have learnt will definitely help me moving forward into next year and hopefully beyond into my future career.


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