This week we looked at drawing what grows on trees in the future. Mo firstly gave us a handout looking at different kinds of trees to inspire us for our drawing.
Mo also talked to us about the Fibonacci Code and the Golden Ratio. These are both about proportions and how an image looks to the viewer when kept within these rules. Leonardo Di Vinci and Georges Pierre Serrat are users of the Golden Ratio in their art. Mo asked us to aim to make our tree as such.
I decided to start doing a more artistic tree before I looked at what would grow on my tree. The branches of my tree  intertwine with each other curving up and coming out of the end. I then drew clocks onto my branches to show the idea of time growing on trees. I am not sure how I will further this idea but I feel it is an interesting concept looking at how time could grow and people could just pick it off to have more. Would this make people greedy or careful? How would they react to this phenomenon?
WP_20150427_002 WP_20150427_003 WP_20150427_004 WP_20150427_006

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