The final skill set that I completed this year was Drawing. I was really excited about this skill set because I enjoy drawing and I am always eager to improve my skills.
The session were very stimulating as we took on the subject of 2025 Nostalgia for an age yet to come through different ways of drawing. During the sessions we used a lot of imagination to create our pieces.
Mo made us feel comfortable right from the off telling us whatever we did nothing was wrong, it would always be our perception. This helped me to further express my creativity knowing that I would not be judged on my skill but on my ideas and how I conveyed them.
The tasks were challenging and got my brain working thinking about the subject and theme. I think this skill set would have been well placed at the beginning of the year as it created for me a brainstorm of ideas . This maybe would have meant more successful ideas during my digital workshop.
I especially enjoyed the landscape drawing from imagination task where we had to use charcoal. I am not so fond of charcoal as a material and find it quite hard to use but the marks I made with the utensil were really interesting and added a lot to my pieces and in particular enhanced my water effect.
The exercise that I did not enjoy so much was the Argos catalogue skip. Although the carbon paper was an interesting surface to work on I did not enjoy the task as much as the ones where I got to add my own personal touch to it. Maybe it was for this reason I did not find it as successful as the other tasks.
The task that helped me to improve my skills the most was the Drawing without Looking task.I thought the Picasso like outcomes were exciting and drawing without looking helped us to greatly improve our hand eye coordination. I thought in terms of improving skills, this one was the most valuable.
Overall the drawing sessions have given a lot to me, not only through ideas but by the belief I have within myself and my capabilities as a drawer. I feel drawing is somewhat lacking in my studio practice however having had this skill set I take confidence in knowing it does not have to be perfect nor absent in my work.

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