The first workshops of the skills set cluster was centred around digital. This involved building our own websites whilst enhancing our skills on the computer and using computer software. The aim of our websites was to reflect the overall theme, 2025 Nostalgia for an age yet to come, whilst helping us understand how to construct our own websites as a practitioner.
I really enjoyed being able to learn more skills on the computer because I feel that has helped me put what I know into my own practice. All the skills I have gained on programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator are invaluable. Along with this being able to understand better Adobe Muse and how to make a website on this has helped me no end. I know I have mastered it to a basic level and I want to go on using this program to facilitate making my own personal website.
Although I learned a lot of skills some of these did not come easy. I found it really tricky to learn coding and how to code our wordpress sites. It was very much a challenge. Along with this it was hard to think of a concept and then make that into something that could relate back to a theme and then from this be able to be something clear and concise and above all understandable. It actually encouraged me to research more child friendly websites and how I could relate these back to my own.
Being in a smaller class had its advantages meaning Sylvia was always on hand to help us with our designs and with our work when we needed. This again helped me knowing that in a bigger class I may not have been able to complete my website the way I wanted to and how I wanted it to visually come across.
I am very pleased how my website turned out, it being the first time I have attempted to make any website from scratch.Saying this, I know that next time I make a website I can improve it even more and to an even higher standard by improving on my other skills.
For this skill set I created my poster which turned out positively as well. I think it relates well to my website and helps my website to be better understood. It shows for me the theme of 2025, Nostalgia for a year yet to come, in a more light hearted way than maybe some of the other posters my peers will produce. I think this is what will make my idea stand out.
Overall my Digital experience was very positive. I enjoyed being able to learn and improve more skills and I know this will serve me well for my future practice.

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