I called up Luton Culture Venues after having our rejection from Central Beds College. Luckily they were able to supply us with a space in The Hat Factory from the 5th until the 8th of May, within our deadline. This was a great find and from our previous fundraising we knew we could raise more money to go towards the price they were asking. After several emails, calls and money transferred we managed to secure the space. This left us all feeling relieved that we could finally exhibit. It gave us the chance to concentrate our own pieces and putting out publicity.

This is the space we have rented: The Gateway Gallery


Source: http://www.lutonculture.com/hat-factory/venue-hire/conferences/

This space is ideal because of its white walls and the curtains which we can pull across to separate the room. Having has my piece set up to fit in the smaller space of Central Beds I knew that my work would have to possibility of being dwarfed. I knew I would have to think about my piece in order that it fitted and looked the part in the bigger space. However having the space is a big leap forward and what it can provide for us it a lot more useful than Central Beds.


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