Unfortunately just a week before the exhibition we got an email from Central Beds explaining that we could not have the exhibition in their space due to an overbooking. This was very frustrating because all of the group felt we were back to stage one and had nothing to build on.

This meant we needed to find a venue so on Monday, Penny and I called around several venues including The Hat Factory and The Departure Lounge. Fortunately The Hat Factory gave us a positive response saying they had an availability from the 6th until the 9th of May. This was great as these were within our deadline. We then called the rest of the group asking if that would be okay with them and if they would not mind contributing to the overall cost of the room. All of the group were glad to find a space to exhibit our work.

On the Tuesday the 28th April we booked the space in The Hat Factory. This means that we can confirm it during the week and start distribution of publicity and making labels for our work.

In conjunction with this we have decided to do two fundraising events to help us cover the cost of our venue. These will be on Thursday and Friday and this is the poster for them.




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