Structuring my essay 

My starting point for my essay is to look overall at my structuring. I know that my titles and my word count will somewhat change through my journey to completing my globalisation essay.


This is my first idea for structure and where I felt I could add in points and what the general word count would be for each section.

On the 19th of December we had a session with Mo to help us in what we would need to put in our essay and how we could structure it. This was when I realised that maybe Sociological was more important than Geographical as a contextual position. I felt that Geographical and Historical were very closely linked but Sociological could encompass Pop Culture which at the end of my lectures was something I felt I lacked in my Mind Map.

Here is the notes I have made whist being in Mo’s class. This really helped me to start looking at how I could make my structure better and what points I would have to put in.



My first port of call in terms of writing my essay was the Introduction. Although I thought it may be better to write it in the end I decided that I needed to research my exhibition a little further in order to have a better understanding of it. I hoped this would aide me into starting my essay with a stronger base.

I found my information on the Tate website. For me this was the most reliable source of information. This is the link to the site : http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/display/tate-modern-displays/displays-introduction/level-2-poetry-and-dream

Here are my notes on this site.


I noticed that Surrealism was of importance to the whole of my exhibition and it is for that reason I decided to look it up in more detail. For this I used another reliable source which is the University service Discover that when you look up a point of research it will supply you with Journals and books on this topic. I chose to use the Encyclopaedia Britannica Research Starter on Surrealism from 2014.


From these I triaged my ideas and what I thought is appropriate to put into my introduction and how I could make a complicated artistic process into something easier for the reader to understand.

This is my Introduction

“Poetry and Dream”, a display currently being held at the Tate Modern in Bankside London looks at a range of artists all responding and diverging from the movement Surrealism. (tate.org.uk accessed 1st December 2014) Surrealism is the movement that flourished in Europe between World War One and World War Two. It encompassed both the visual arts and literature. Growing from Dadaism, Surrealism aimed to bring positive expressionism from the destruction which rationalism has evoked in Europe. According to André Breton, Surrealism linked both the conscious and unconscious realms of experience in order that fantasy and dreams could be shown together in the rational world. ( Encyclopædia Britannica,2014)

The aim of the show is to discover both related themes and “the world of dream, the unconscious and the archetypal myth”. (tate.org.uk accessed 1st December 2014 All of these pieces have in alternative ways been given a new life in connection with Surrealism.. (tate.org accessed 1st December 2014)

This exhibitions intention was to gather together and centre a series of visual arts that all have their own individual part to play in Surrealism. In presenting this exhibition to the public, the Tate Modern aims to show how contemporary art can evolve, give us an alternative understanding and aide us in reconnecting with art of the past. (tate.org.uk accessed 1st December 2014)

From this exhibition, I have chosen to study in further detail three pieces of art. The first is Portrait of a young woman by Meredith Brampton painted in the year 1936 
(See Fig 1), the second The Emancipated Woman is Building Socialism a Russian Revolutionary poster made in 1917 by Adolf Strakhov-Braslavsky (See Fig 2) and finally Pablo Picasso’s Nude Woman in a Red Armchair created in 1932. (See Fig 3) Each of these pieces links to the wider subject of my essay which is looking at Globalisation and in particular the role of women. This essay will tackle the topic of the women in British interwar society, The visions of Russia and the emancipated women and finally the female nude.



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