This week in Networking we looked at how we could improve our body language and speech whist giving a presentation. We started off by one at a time coming into the room and saying the phrase “My name is Alice, I do Art and Design and our project is called Funding Inspiration”.

After each having a turn we worked on how we could improve our posture by walking around in a circle. To improve our speech we shouted out a phrase in the classroom.

Following on from this we received a sheet that has one phrase on it that is repeated several time with emphasis on different words in the sentence. From this we could see how changing our voice on one word could change the entire meaning of the sentence. In groups of two we talked through all of these sentences before presenting our chosen sentence to the class in the same format as the “My name is Alice” exercise.


In our same pair using another sheet we had to work out what kind of speaker we are and what traits that speaker has. I found out through this that my group has a lot of different speakers and this makes us a compatible and varied team who encompass many strengths.


I have found that all the exercises that we completed today have helped me build my confidence in terms of speaking in front of an audience. Even though this was an audience I know I felt that this was the right place to start in order to keep going to be able to speak in front of an unknown audience.



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