This week in drawing with Carbon paper, a material I have never used before. The way that carbon paper works is that you place a piece of a4 cartridge paper underneath the carbon paper and then the image you want to trace on top of both of these.
The aim of the class was to draw the kind of objects that would be in a skip in the year 2025. In order to get these images we were provided with lots of pages from the Argos catalogue. I firstly started finding electronic items such as phones and televisions but also items that would be continually improved. I mixed a whole range of items and placed them on top of each other to create a rubbish tip effect. This also reminded me of the layers of disintegration and how long thrown out objects take to disintegrate into the ground.
This is my work.
After, Mo photocopied our images a lot smaller to see the effect it would create. I personally appreciate my design and how I have completed the task. I prefer the smaller version because of its intricacy and how it sits as one. The compact effect makes it look more confusing and overwhelming to the viewer. These are the kind of objects we are throwing away in our society and being thrown out in a huge dump feels overpowering and has a realisation aspect for the viewer.

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