Week 1 

This week was an introduction to our essay topic which we would tackle in the next few weeks in our seres of lectures called Globalisation. We looked at the weighting of each section of the work and the question “Provide a critique of n exhibition of artworks and/or artefacts visited in the last six months relevant to your burgeoning practice interests.” This lead us on to looking at context and what is context, studying here the ripple effect. This helped us to look at a mine map structure which would enable us to understand better our chosen exhibitions.


Week 2 

In this lecture we looked at a hypothetical exhibition called Fashion, Feminism and Futurism. This exhibition helped us to understand how we would look at pieces of work and contextualise them. It was also useful to be able to start learning about historical events even around this topic which in the future could be interesting in my essay.



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Week 3 

Lecture three saw us looking at what is an exhibition and what is a curatorial role, this would be crucial in the content of our essay. We then looked at how we could structure our essay using examples, the mind map and contextual positions. This also looked at our introduction and what we would need to put into the conclusion.

This was followed by studying and putting into context another hypothetical collection of work called Truth and Technology where we looked into artists such as Peter Kennard and Mishka Henner and contextualised their work. This time the work was in a magazine as an alternative form of exhibition.



Week 4 

This week we studied two exhibitions. The first one a hypothetical exhibition called Sex, Politics and Death which was in a museum context. This exhibition looked into how people viewed sex and marriage and how this relates to society and era. This took us on a journey through many countries including the United States of America, India and Japan, in order to better show the overall theme of Globalisation. This lead us on to looking at a real exhibition called Cadences shown at MK Gallery. We looked in this exhibition about the overall meaning of the name and five of the pieces shown.



Week 5

In our last lecture we recapped everything we would need to know in order to structure our essay well. We looked at font, aligning and spacing and also we understood how to put illustrations into our essays. Gemma also explained what would be important in our research blogs.

In this lecture we also discovered about how to tackle a solo show rather than a show exhibiting many artists and how this would vary in the way we would discover and write about our show.





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