This week in drawing Mo started off by showing us a series of different landscapes using different tonal depths, lines and mark making. Next we looked at different object which could be present in our landscapes.The aim of the task is to create our own landscapes but adding a twist. An object in our landscape should look out of place and not right.
I did not know exactly what I wanted to draw so I started off with a seascape in which I placed a small boat, from here I added a hot air balloon attached to the boat. This enabled the boats to fly. I thought this was an interesting concept because due to global warming and how the sea levels are rising it means the land will start to become sea. This is a very current problem especially in the Arctic and Antarctic Circles where the ice caps are quickly melting. I thought this may be a new type of transport to enable both floating and flying in order to escape and create a new way of life. I would really like to adapt this poster so I can use this concept for my final piece. However to do this I will need to find a way to explain how the people are nostalgic of an age yet to come. This will be my next challenge.

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