During our second week of drawing there was a lot more of us present so Mo set us up doing an activity called blind contour drawing. This involved half of us sitting in a circle in the centre and the other half using easels around the outside.
From this each easel person had to draw the person sitting in front of them on the chairs. However the drawer could not look at the paper. This is the idea behind a blind contour drawing.
Here are the drawings I have completed.
11063142_1559102514367928_1496373690_n 11063224_1559102374367942_785990043_n 11075885_1559102544367925_1904914493_n 11076026_1559102464367933_867482867_n 11076251_1559102487701264_1461920840_n
Some of my drawings are more successful than others. This exercise was a useful one that helped us get back into the mark making used in drawing. I knew that none of them would resemble the person who I was drawing but as a personal accomplishment, I feel that I do have a good sense of the features and how the face is laid out. Drawing people is never something I have been incredibly confident at but by being at University and even now continuing looking at drawing the human figure, my confidence is growing rapidly.
After doing this exercise we sat back around the table and took half a sheet of A4 paper. This exercise was to do with Exquisite Corpses.
The first person would draw a head then pass it to their left and the next one would draw the body and so on and so forth until the drawing had a head, body, legs and feet.
We then unwound them and admired the funny creatures we had drawn!
 11075074_1559124671032379_2115311284_n 11068871_1559124677699045_2120664262_n 11056826_1559124657699047_1172010267_n
This was a fun and informative class and I am happy to be back in the drawing room!

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