This week in Digital we concentrate on continuing our posters and also looked at how we could make our website a responsive design.


Monday session started with how our websites could be a responsive design, this means they could be accessed by both phone and tablet without having to be in desktop view every time. This heightens the accessibility of my website for alternative users. We learnt how to create this format in Muse and in particular the phone layout. Sylvia taught us how to take out columns and change the percentage of the elements to fit the screen. On Muse we created a phone layout that allows us to view our desktop site and the phone site on the same tab line. Because of this it allowed us to import elements easily from desktop to mobile by clicking a button.

From this Sylvia looked at creating a menu with us. This menu would shrink and grow in accordance with where our mouse was on the page. We had to use the states setting just as I had previously for some of my image buttons and click delete rollover but make all of them mouse down. The menu would have to be 44×44 pixels which is roughly the size of the human finger. In order for our menu to drop down we put the accordion effect on it and too our any of the borders so the menu is almost floating. This menu is ideal for a responsive design because it helps us to navigate but without having the complexity of the desktop design. If in the future I want to make my site into a mobile site too, knowing how to go about this is ideal,

During the final part of this session and the Friday session we continued to make our posters. I continued and created three posters in this session trying to make a more minimalist child friendly theme poster continuing from last week.

Poster squares

My next poster incorporates exciting colours and is a lot more aesthetic than my previous one. This time it uses some of my toy imagery which makes it more comprehendible for the viewer. It promotes my website in a stronger way. However, although I like the colours mixed with the imagery, I found it really hard to find which place the images in accordance with the colours. I do not think this will be my final poster but it is a lot closer to what I am aiming for.


This is the poster I have chosen to be the final poster for my project. It incorporates four of my images in a unique way. It is by far the most technical poster I have completed. Although I do not know yet if it will be the poster I will exhibit for my exhibition I think I have put all of my competences into it.


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