Digital Week 5

This week our main concentration was on creating our final outcome posters. On the brief we have to make a A2 sized poster that links in, in this case, with our website. My forté is not poster making so I was slightly concerned about the nature of this task. Seeing as though my theme throughout the whole of the digital skill set has been the nostalgia of childhood, I wanted to create a poster aimed at my target audience. This meant that it would have a very alternative theme to the posters that would be being produced for this project “2025: Nostalgia for an age yet to come”

I started off by making imagery that was highly minimalist and linked in with my website. The colours I chose for my website were bold and child accessible. I wanted my poster to convey the same design. The writing would be kept to a minimum and would be in a font that was the same as my website or a similar “fun” font. The imagery would be the focal point.

I started off by doing some research on posters and looking at the kind of style and layout that I appreciated and looked the part.

I looked primarily at just posters on the internet that I found quite appealing and had a child- like aspect to them. My aim was to make my poster child friendly as my website is mainly aimed at this audience.



Source: http://collider.com/my-neighbor-totoro-posters-olly-moss-mondo/

I then moved on to looking at more a minimalist design to see if this would be more of what I was looking for in my work. Although I like the minimalist idea, I wonder if it will enhance my designs or just make them unpleasing to look at.




Source: http://hiconsumption.com/2012/10/disney-pixar-minimalist-posters/

I looked next at posters that incorporated circles as my website design is based a lot around this shape. This could be interesting aesthetically and also keep in line with my colour and design pattern. Although my first poster is about a psychological occurrence so is definitely not aimed at children however it explains the occurrence using a simple diagram, which a child could comprehend.


Source: http://www.ufunk.net/en/design/philosophical-concepts/

This poster again incorporating circles is definitely aimed at children and is intriguing for the eye. This could mix in well with my concept.


Source: http://www.thimblythings.com/2011/03/14/my-obsession-with-posters-on-etsy/

The first poster I created was a simple minimalist design incorporating the main colours and form of my website. Although this design is bold and eye catching, it may be too minimalist. I appreciate the use of form and colour but I feel in order to highlight that this is a website about toys I need to have some of the toys present in my poster. This poster does have an air of intrigue about it although I think I must experiment with some other designs.

test poster 3


The next poster I looked at created was slightly more challenging, it involved the use of a blackboard, something I have used throughout my website. I took an existing image from a lunch menu and was interested in the border shape. I therefore took the outline of the border for the outline of my poster. Having creating a logo, I wanted that to be present in my design so taking that on board I redesigned it so that I could fit within the blackboard style I was looking for. My consistent font is meant to mimic chalk on a blackboard so I was confident that this would comply. However during the making of my poster Sylvia suggested it may be too dark and not quite what I was looking to create. Although I like my design I must agree with her on this point. My poster and site are meant to be accessible for children and this looks more classy and sophisticated: not what I am for.



BSB_Blackboard-Specials_Weekend-Lunches-promo-poster POSTER SKILLS SETS


Although my posters did not work out in this session. I am for the next weeks session to create something that I like and that is bold, colourful and in line with my theme. I know I am not the most confident poster maker but I underestimated how hard it is to make a poster that fits in perfectly with what I want. Especially if I have to hand it in in the end. Next week I need to think carefully and bring out all my photoshop skills to create my final poster.


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