1. When considering your chosen exhibition, what is your chosen rational in selecting your three examples and why?

I chose my three examples because they show different women around the same era. These women are worlds apart in terms of what they show. This could link me back into looking at Historical, Political and Geographical contexts in a range of places. The fact that all of the pieces encompass three cultures make it an interesting basis and starting point. A lot of the subjects I will look into have relevance to today’s culture and this is something I can bring forward in my essay. I want to look further into Feminism and how that has affected women and this is a subject that is of interest to me and something I personally would like to learn more about.

2. What is your contextual position and why should you take only a few rather than more when writing your essay?

When writing our essays we need to think carefully about the contextual positions we will take on board. We must choose a few and not too many because of the time scale and the nature of the work. Three Thousand words is not that many and to go into enough depth in three contextual positions is a lot more thorough than skipping through five or six. It makes it easier to read for the examiner and easier to break down for us.

3.Think about your Mind Map, what elements best represent Globalisation and why? 

I feel in my Mind Map, the three contextual positions that best represent Globalisation are:

– Historical, because historical events can lead us to find the context of a piece of art but also show us how a certain movement has travelled through the world through historical findings and events.

– Geographical, I feel geographical is of importance because it helps us to understand the nature of an event though looking at geographical location and therefore can lead us to have an idea on a global scale.

Although it is not on my personal Mind Map, I feel Popular Culture is relevant due to the fact that we can see how events that took place in the past can even be relevant today and in our daily lives. This shows how globalisation does not only encompass the world but it can encompass different eras as well. For this reason looking back I think I should have added this into my Mind Map.


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