1. Develop your Mind Map for your chosen exhibition.


In my second phase of my Mind Map I have started to expand on my key ideas and what points I may want to look at researching in my essay.

2. Pick THREE artworks/examples/artefacts from your exhibition to discuss in your research and essay.

From this exhibition I have chosen

  • Portrait of a Young Woman 1935 by Meredith Frampton
  • Nude Woman in a red armchair 1932 by Pablo Picasso
  • The Emancipated Women is building on society 1926 by Adolf Straknov Braslavsky

3. Why did you choose them and what global ideas do they link to?

I chose these three pieces because I felt that they each showed an aspect of  the female in society and culture. I thought they were really different pieces but yet had the same string attaching them altogether. When I saw the exhibition Poetry and Dreams, I was taken by a selection of the pieces surrounding this theme and it is a theme that interests me. I felt by looking at these oeuvres, I could study in detail the position of woman, the different political and historical components.

From my pieces I have split my essay into three main topics:

Chapter 1: Feminism,

Chapter 2: Women’s social, political and historical role

Chapter 3:  Society’s views on the physical appearance of women

I feel these can lead to my globally looking at the position of women both historically and politically but also in terms of how societies view towards women has changed and developed.

Some of the topics I can look at in my essay are:

– How the Russian Revolution lead to a powerful woman figure and how this figure can mirror what we have seen in models of World War One and World War Two

– The change in the beauty of Women looking at the Nude in both Greek Antiquity through until today. How body shape and size is still a very current issue and how nudity has taken a different turn. How do we define beauty in our culture.

– The rise of the educated women looking at learning through literature such as Pride and Prejudice. How women became to have a right to vote. The different classes of women and their stereotypes. What role do women play?


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