1. What is your exhibition of choice? 

My exhibition of choice is Poetry and Dreams which is currently being held at the Tate Modern. The exhibition is comprised of several room, each hosting a number of artworks in a range of mediums and styles gathered and based upon the main theme of Surrealism. Each piece of work has responded or derived from  the movement and the exhibition aims to explore “the world of dream, the unconscious and the archetypal myth” (tate.org.uk)

2. Start a Mind Map with your exhibition as the stimulus.


I started my Mind Map by putting the Mind Mapping plan that Gemma had provided us with. For the first stage I have taken out all of the Contextual Positions that relate to my exhibition in some way.

3.How do you think these ideas will lead to talking about Globalisation through the Mind Mapping model? 

I want to study lots of the ideas that are included in the wider model of my mind mapping scale. I feel in order to get an overall view of all aspects in the pieces and the wider context of the exhibition we need to look at all social, cultural and political elements. By doing so we can gain a strong general knowledge of not only the symbolism but we can also get an overview of what was happening in the world at the time the art was created. One of my main topics of study will be looking in depth at Feminism which is a global movement therefore this will lead me into talking about a series of countries, not just one. When looking into the vast subject of the history of women in both social and political terms, it is of upmost importance to not only take ideas from a range of sources but these sources must focus on different countries. Globally, the attitude towards women has changed at a variety of rates therefore we must take this into consideration.


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