This week in Digital the aim was to continue with out websites in order to complete them for Friday.


The first thing that we covered in the class was how to connect a PayPal account to our website in order that in the future we could sell our work from our website. We learnt through the PayPal website how we could create a button and a dropdown list and from this obtain a HTML code that we can place in our coding.
This led us onto discussing Woo Commerce which is based on WordPress. We had the possibility to link this to PayPal too along with being able to add products and inventory at the touch of a button.
On Friday I succeeded in making two more images with one of them being a GIF which aided me in finishing my website. Throughout the week I had worked on making my website a bit more aesthetically pleasing, I had added features which made it seem more child friendly and used a text that was also of this nature. I am happy with the way that my website looks and feels but I am sure that with the skills I have learnt I can go onto create a website of much higher quality that is more to my taste.
Colour Palette GIF. This is a child’s game which would help them to make and create colours by mixing. It has a range of colours to pick up and place. I did this as a GIF because I felt it would explain the idea of the toy more clearly.
Roller skate
Fire Roller Skates are just like normal Roller Skates but with a bit of a boost. It helps the user to go quicker and safer.
My idea of the toy shop is very much in line with the brief. The aim of the toy shop is to be “old” for the year 2050 as we are looking back at our childhood if we had grown up in this era. This is where I bring into play the theme of Nostalgia. The theme of childhood as a lot to do with nostalgia and I feel my toy shop would aide in bringing back memories of this era. It is true that childhood in 2025 we cannot foresee how childhood will look or will be. Maybe it will be completely based around technology with traditional methods having a weak influence in society. The toys that I have created are based around ones that I have had in my childhood and that my siblings have too grown up with. I have put a more technological stance on these images adding items that I feel could potentially exist in the near future.

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