Digital Week 3 
The third week of Digital brought us to learning about how to add both a video and a map into our website. This is where we discovered Embedded HTMLs. Sylvia taught us that if we wanted to put in a video it would first have to be uploaded to Vimeo because Vimeo can produce an embedded link for us which when we put it onto our website we could change the size and remove the title.
The map would be a useful tool for us if we were doing classes or had a business and needed to direct people to our premises. Google maps is a very familiar platform for users of the internet and their maps are incredibly easy to follow. This meant Google maps would be useful.
In this session we also discovered a different way in which to create our website. This was the Adobe program Muse. We started off by looking at how Muse works and how we could create a website in this format. She taught us about how to put Photoshop buttons into Muse. These could be used as navigation buttons. Muse is very similar to photoshop and illustrator in terms of buttons and button placements. Sylvia taught us about the rollover too and how to add rectangles and shadows.
Photoshop Buttons
I got the hang of Adobe Muse really quickly and knew that it would be easier for me than using WordPress and coding. I started off by testing out what I could do in terms of layout and colours.
This is the use of colours and a photoshop button with and image.
This is how the menu looks on Muse. We can add and take away pages like this.
In this session I also succeeded in creating another two toys. The first one is the firework slingshot, quite simply a slingshot that fires fireworks and the second a pen that you can draw on the walls and easily erase. My aim is to create 8 toys that would be suitable for my toy shop. This is a very challenging process and I have tried to be inspired by other toys that are currently on the market. However they need to be futuristic for us but vintage for 2025 so I had to think future but not too unbelievable.

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