Source: http://aa2a.biz

Wendy Mason is the national director of AA2A and also a self employed artist.

The AA2A is an organisation that aides artists getting into residencies in Universities all over the uk. This enables the accessibility to workshops and facilities after graduation. Wendy recommends this scheme for students who have been out of University for a year, and there are 21 schemes to choose from. However there is none in London so artists generally look to Luton and Hertfordshire.

In her talk she described to us what it means to be a self employed artist and how to get by being your own boss. She discussed with us the ins and outs of what we would need to be in our own business. This ranged from taxes to organisations to benefits and part time jobs.

I have attached the information that Wendy has given us throughout the talk.

Self Employment Notes

I really appreciated Wendy’s talk, she is a fountain of knowledge in terms of self employment and she is really encouraging and understands what it is like to come out of art school and be a bit lost. She was persuasive and made all the information digestible. Overall I feel Wendy’s talk was one of the best so far! I have come away a lot more informed and intrigued about the option of self employment.



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