Having secured two meetings in Dunstable with potential spaces we set off to see what they could offer us.

Our first meeting was with Dunstable Conference Centre. The space itself was huge but we were limited on what we could do as we were not allowed to use the walls. When asking what price they could give us if we chose their space they said £600 a day which was highly beyond what we were expecting to pay for our venue.
Penny suggested we try the Central Bedfordshire College space before continuing to the Priory House, our next location. Mark and Celeste at the college were extremely helpful showing us what the space was we could use and the possibilities for hanging. Although we could not serve alcoholic drinks, the space itself was ideal for what size of show we would like to put on. The space being primarily a gallery space would insure a ready made setting, when it came to setting up the show this would be ideal. We discussed with them our needs and queried about insurance which was our only concern and they said they would help us look into it. Mark and Celeste asked us to submit a proposal with each persons concept laid out, we would then supply this proposal to them for their approval. We were all extremely positive about the space and eager to follow it through.
The last space we saw was a Priory House. It was not the setting we were looking for, the old fashioned feel did not really fit what we wanted and wall space was yellow and limited. The space was an alcove that was mainly taken up by a beautiful fireplace that next to our pieces would be too overpowering.
Later in the day, I took the opportunity to speak to Mo and inquire about insurance and seeing if she would be able to look over our proposal with us. She was very positive and offered to help us that Friday, although she could not help us with the insurance query, we were pointed in Colin’s direction for further help with that matter.

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