The following Monday, Michaela had organised a meeting with A Thin Place, another part of The Hat Factory. We were welcomed by Grant who organises the space and he was extremely helpful on answering our questions and aiding us in every way possible. The space was accessible because of its location and the team their would help us put our work up on the range of white walls available. He also discussed with us publicity and what they could offer us in terms of getting the word about our show out there.
Although Grant and his team were very enthusiastic, we would have to pay £100 to rent the space, we had hoped to have something a bit cheaper. However we wanted to know what dates he had available as his enthusiasm was a factor that would make the space agreeable to work with. Unfortunately the space had been booked until the 11th of May: our deadline.
I felt the meeting with Grant was professional and it was interesting to see how going to get a space would work. He was very welcoming and its a shame that the space was booked up. Nevertheless the tips he gave us are invaluable on this road to finding and creating our exhibition.


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