Will Jennings is a British Photographer who came to talk to us as part of the Artist Talks series set up by the University.
Will graduated from his postgraduate course at  London College of Communication. During his time there he said he put more personal ideas into his work, this was triggered by his mother’s sudden death. This is when he started his project Tumbling Blocks which mirrored the events in his life. For him the tumbling blocks represented the erosion of everything solid and the nature attacking. These tumbling blocks he photographed are seen among the Suffolk Coast, an area close to his heart.
He was very inspired by the book The Old Straight Track written by Alfred Watkins who was a business man and photographer. He talked about things lining up. In his book he looks at the study of maps and early British trackways. These studies were accompanied by functional photographs that had a high black density to them.
This book along with The New View Over Atlantis by John Mitchell inspired Jennings to look more in depth at Ley lines and how they work. He was extremely interested in the process.
He was accepted to do a residency at Four Corners (A London centre for Film and Photography)  where he wanted to expand this study of ley lines so with his dad they set out to find and explore one of the most famous ley lines in Britain, St Michel’s. From this Jennings created an installation triptych called To a line.  This was completed over two years.
Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk15jphOTRk
This project continued with the creation of a book that explored the themes of his To a Line work further. This book contains essays, poems and stories. Although his book was based on his persoanl work, it was about using other peoples viewpoints and alternative mediums.
I thought Will Jennings talk was a good addition to the artists talks following more a photographic path. I found his research and development very thorough and appealing. It definitely made me want to learn more about the topic of research. I feel his methodology and creation of artwork from an idea very structured and the artwork he produced is extremely visually exciting. Overall a really great talk!
All Images sourced from : http://www.willjennings.info

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