Due to missing the first week of Networking because of illness I was eager to see what we would be doing.
We started off by playing two games. The first game was a dice game that had a picture of every side of nine dice. The aim of the game was to roll the dice and make a story with the images that we had in front of us. This got us talking to the members of the group and making up quite amusing stories. This made it a lot easier to talk and I felt more comfortable working with a group.
The second game was a simple word association game. One member of the group said a word and then the person next to them that associated with the previous word. This again was a good team building exercise.
For the main task we had to work in our groups to come up with a possibility for the STEPs programme which was set up to improve the university. My group had two ideas, the first one was to create a fund for art materials and the second to create a fund for trips. We decided to propose the fund for trips. The fund would be on a  matching basis where students would fundraise and the university would match that amount. We thought the trips fund would allow people to go on trips without having to worry about the money side of things. We think that trips are enriching education and open our eyes to new experiences. It also gives us opportunity to see exhibitions overseas.
I really enjoyed the first week of Networking and I am intrigued to see what will happen next week!

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