For our final project this year, I felt I had one of the most positive crits out of all my crits throughout the year.

The first crit we had was in class altogether with our tutors. I had good comments towards how I had presented my work, how my research find in with my images and how what I explored was a really interesting exploration.

I was then encouraged to look up visual languages, modern rooms, William Hogarth, House of Hackney and Charlie Billingham. This is what I plan to explore through my research even though I am happy with my outcome I feel it could inform me for the continuation of this project!

In the afternoon we had a crit with Clem who gave us more ideas of what to explore. He told me that my work had a strong meaning behind it and was well driven. He said to try out printing which is something I would like to look at continuing on from this project. Clem said to try and improve my presentation of my project and how I would introduce it to an audience. He wanted me to find a rational, in other words, explain why I am doing what I am doing.

Overall I am really happy with the two crits I had today and I have a lot more to go on in terms of further exploration.


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