I knew I wanted my concept to continue from what I had explored previously however I was interested in mixing a lot more messages into my work concerning Morris and his opinions , thoughts and views.

One of my first experiments incorporated a skeleton standing next to a barrel of arsenic. I thought this was a very realistic image of what Morris was doing and how he continually put green paint onto his walls.


As Hannah suggested I experimented placing my wallpapers on William Morris rooms. I do not think my wallpapers necessarily suited the Victorian decor because I feel they have a very modern look to them. I tried putting a lower exposure onto my image to see if it was the bright white that distracted from the image. Again I do not think this was as successful but it does look more in place in the setting. The more I look at it, it does become as visually interesting as some of my other experiments however I do not think it will go into my sample book for this wallpaper.

CT6168B.tif CT6168B.tif


This was another wallpaper I experimented with. However the white was too shocking against the traditional background. I also felt that the design was distracting and looked out of place



I learnt how to add in a light source on Photoshop and I felt this could really enhance how my wallpaper looked on the walls. It made them look a lot more realistic and they fitted visually into their surrounding environments. The link I feel I had been looking for between my wallpaper and environment was in fact this light source.


Try2 Try2withlighting


For the coal wallpaper, I also experimented placing it in a fireplace setting. Unfortunately the image was not good quality and it came out blurry. I wanted my wallpapers to look chic and I felt this blur distracted from my work, it did not look professional.



Before doing both the lungs wallpaper and the gender equality wallpaper I did a lot of experimentation in order to get the colours just right.

The Lungs was a really interesting form and a strong pattern and I needed to get the colours and the way the lungs sat just right. The first experiments although interesting in their reflection aspect did not look as much like lungs as when the lungs were laid out separately. I needed the image to be distinguishable for the viewer to have a clear understanding of the image in order to understand the underlying message.

Lungsprint Lungsprint2



Recognising that the second pattern with the simple lungs was more distinguishable I experimented with a series of colours and layers to create the ideal wallpaper to go into my room. These were the first wallpaper samples that I tried using three colours to see what effect it could create as opposed to a two tonal experiment.


lungsprint4 lungsprint5 lungsprint6



I felt all my experiments were a success in that they all appear visually pleasing. I feel by playing around in Photoshop it has enabled me to discover a lot more alternative patterns to before. I also added in backgrounds compared to just having a plain white background. These colours were on the original image for the first time and this actually effected the look of my layers and colours when I placed different filters.


These are some experiments of how my wallpaper looked repeated several times. I think that the colour samples are stronger visually than the black and white. However I think the pastels and brighter colours highlight the interested idea of innocence and delicacy, something I aim to tackle due to the theme of childhood and Morris’ arsenic poisoning to children. resounding in this imagery.

Lungspatt LungsprintredandblackGreenpinkyellowlungswallp


My experiemntation with colour is also something I studied more in detail through my gender equality wallpaper. Below are all the different colour patterns I tried before reaching a conclusion on the one I wanted to select. I feel that trying out each wallpaper is the hardest part of the creation because your room maybe simple but it has to colour match with the wallpaper for it to be effective. This is why I have created so many.

These are the first experiments I have completed using shadow and the generic colours for the man and woman. I thought they were strong in terms of their visual appearance however when placed on the wall they made me feel a little dizzy and for that reason look contorted.

Manwomanwallp Manwomanwallp2 Manwomanwallp3



Next I tried the same colour for the man and woman to see what colours worked together and how they looked placed on the walls.

Greengreen greenred Red design Yellow

I thought these visually could look appealing on my walls because I could easily colour match them with the surrounding furniture. It would also give me the power to pick any colours that I wanted for the man and woman and the background.

In my last four colour experiments I explored how different colours would look and played with the generic man and woman colour without having any complexed shadow or two tone. They looked strong visually as my same colour experiments which is why I think they could look as appealing on my walls. My aim is to not distract or confuse the viewer but to engage their visual interest.

Greenone Greenyellowgreen Lightgreenpinkandblue purpleandorange


Here are the wallpaper samples I have made using my experimentations.

These were the ones I found blurry and contorted. When placing them in a situation where there was a room they did not look right. This could be due to the visual effect or the colour palette I selected to use.



tryoneequality sittingroom




purpletry   Equalitywallpaper2

These used the same idea but with bold colours that could not be visually misleading or confusing to the viewer. I feel that the same bolder colours allow me to make stronger wallpapers that attract. I like working with the colours that are present on the furniture and playing with their complementaries. I feel my only downside of experimentation is that as soon as I knew it did not match I replaced it instead of analysing it. I need to analyse my mistakes in order to see what works well and does not instead of being so dismissive at the first hurdle.

Equalitywallpaper3 Redongreen



All of my experimentation has been crucial in creating my final images. Without my experimentation I could not have seen what works and what does not. In the future I need to work with my mistakes in order that I can be a better practitioner.


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