During the first part of my tutorial I received my essay feedback which I was very pleased with. I know what I can do now for my next essay and it puts me in good stead for year three.

I started off by telling Hannah exactly what I have done during the week concerning my research and where I was thinking of taking my project. She liked the wallpapers I have created and how I placed them in rooms. She suggested I look at two galleries : the Geffrye Museum and a Rashid Johnson exhibitions.

Throughout the week Hannah encouraged me to experiment with print. I asked Rose but unfortunately there were no slots for this week meaning they would not be ready in time for my deadline next week. This was a shame because I thought they could have looked really nice in print. However this will not stop me doing then at a later date.

Hannah also wondered what my wallpapers would look like in real William Morris rooms. This is something I will look at during the course of the week too.

Overall I had a very positive meeting with Hannah and I am ready to continue my experimentation towards a positive final piece.


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