After my screen printing workshop, I was eager to work on top of my prints to see how they came out. I wanted to know how I could take them further and see how they could contribute to my final piece.

My first experimentation was using watercolour pencil on top of my watercolour paper print. Although this was a good experiment to do, I did not feel it was successful. I think I had a fear of destroying my print if i put too much water on it which is why I feel I held back on placing the colour. Therefore I feel it looks like colouring pencil rather than watercolour pencil. Saying this, I feel the colours work really well together especially with the brown print. I was pleased with my use of complementary colours and my technique.


Next I created a Richter style piece which I feel is the most successful experiment. I loved how the colour layered on the print but did not disguise what the original image. The colour palette I chose for the overpainting colours was bright but fitted in with the brown. The yellows and oranges are very typical of Provence and I feel that the pink and blue offset this to create an aesthetic mix. If I redone this experiment I would consider making the overpaint stronger in order to see how that could work or if having the image underneath coming through is a stronger option.


On my next experiment I brought back my painting with acrylics. Being strong in this medium at the beginning of the project I decided to use it again to enhance one of my simple prints on A3 paper. I chose to colour in just the pumpkins but with a heavier lay that my Richter style painting. I felt this was a less abstract painting and more about painting skill. I thought my use of complimentary was competent. By doing this experiment I have improved my confidence in my painting skill but I also know I have a lot of work to do in further improving my skill.


The last experiment I worked on was using paint again but this time on top of my tracing paper experiment. I did not like this outcome at all. I thought the colour was too bright and did not do its job. It took away from the image rather than added to it. I think this image was too unclear to work onto it and create the clarity. Next time I think images that have no distinguish lines are safest leaving clean and that way the image is the most comprehensible.



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