Our first industry friday talk of this term was taken by Richard Kinloch, a British Fashion designer who has conquered both the wide and varied world of fashion and also had his own line.

Richard startred off at Central St Martins where he completed his four year degree in 1987 in Fashion. Here he learnt to pattern cut, flat cutting and draping, haute couture techniques and hand sewing. On his Industry Placement he worked at Yves St Laurent.

His career started when he moved to New York with aims to get into the industry over there. His first job was at a branch of Gap called Old Navy where he worked as a design assistant.  His following job was at Episode, the parent company, where he became a design associate. On this job he worked with the senior designer and in particular with coats. He explained to us that the earlier jobs are the most crucial and you have to be a go getter in this business.

After taking a job at Tommy Hilfiger he returned to Episode where he stayed until he returned to London to work for the British Branch.

Richard then decided to start up his own line where he created a collection of seven little black dresses. He explained to us it was a challenge to create from start to finish and be everything within a creative process. During this process he got a article in Vogue. With this he managed to get a slot at Fashion East 2000 and he also organised his own show in One Aldwych.

During his talk Richard took us through aspects of the fashion industry and how they even differ between continents. He explained to us the significance of mood boards and seasons and trending. He encouraged us if given a fashion brief to really listen the client and follow their aesthetic.

I enjoyed Richard’s talk even if Fashion is not my primary interest. However his talk was quite long and I found it difficult to hold my attention throughout. I think the main point I took away from this talk was the way he explained the importance of listening to the client, I feel this is crucial in any brief and he has reinforced this point for me. Along with this it has made me eager to make more opportunities for myself and get myself out there.




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