In the crit session on the Tuesday I received constructive criticism on my final piece of work. I was told it looked more like a mood board and not what they expected my final piece would have been. However I was really pleased to discover that they found my method of research extremely positive and interesting.

For a few days I was unsure where to take my project in terms of continuing on from what I had been told in my crit. But when I started to digitally manipulate some of my previous images including sections from my mood board it seemed the answer had always been present.

I started off by taking the circle idea I have studied previously and layering two separate photo manipulations which I have created on top of each other. This brought back my idea of having a window.

I feel this two images evoke discovery more than my final piece which is personal aim of me in the outcome of these pieces. I think the layering makes the piece look exciting and the colours in both instances match really well together. The pumpkin image was the simplest to start off with and placing the images directly on top of each other produce a fluidity that maybe was not as present in my final piece.

Experiement1 experiments


Hannah had stated in my crit that the jam jars really stood out in my piece and highlighted the fact that it would be interesting to continue them in my next pieces of work. My first jar experiment used the idea of the window. I do not however feel this is a success due to the contrast of colours which is more shocking than I assumed it would be. Even though being complementary the green and pink-red colour do not complement each other in any way. Although I feel the experimentation was useful, I do not think it will benefit my aims for this project.

jam jar pumpkins

The image below is my second image that incorporates the jam jars this time I have not used the window idea but incorporated them into my original image. I felt by doing this I would bring back the imagery I attempted to create   at the beginning of my project which was commemorated by Nigel during the crit. I think this image is successful in what its aim is but just as my first image of this set, I do not think it is relevant for my aims. Jam jars play


Seeing as though my circle images were successful in terms of my aims I decided to work back into them and look at how I could further improve them. Here I have taken my laser cut cigale image and placed it on top of my circle to initiate an entirely different dimension. I appreciate the third layer that is in my piece however it distorts somewhat the image and confuses it and for that reason I do not think it will be part of what I would like to display.

With bug


I decided to try using more element of my mood board and mixing them with previously creating images.

I started off simple for my first image by retaking my influences from Marco Suarez.

Here is Marco Suarez’ piece.



Source: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/94043227/surfers?ref=shop_home_active_6

Josh and Dad Circle

My previous interest of the way that Marco Suarez created his images really inspired me as soon as I uploaded my image onto Photoshop. I am really pleased that I got to see how his technique worked for my artwork. This lead me on to creating a series of images that I feel really summarise my project.

The next three images are cut up’s of my final piece and my previous screen printing placed on top of each other.  I then added a luminosity layer upon these images to create an interesting photomontage piece that incorporates several images whilst having the appearance of one. I am a lot more happier with these images than the ones I have created before. I would like to use these images to produce what I would be pleased as presenting as a final outcome for this project whether it be several images or just one.


Josh and Dad test Josh and Jake Josh and Jake 2


Having the harsher critique about my work has definitely helped me to improve on what I have done. I am a lot more happy with the imagery I have created post discussion and I think it has helped me personally to improve my practice by taking what my tutors have said on board.


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