From my powerpoint presentation and the feedback I was given last week, I have decided to concentrate on a personal theme of Memory but also Discovery as gained through the viewer. The Memories I will primarily focus on are my own and will take photographs that I have taken in the past.

I decided to start off my research based project by discovering for myself a bit more about how memory works.Memory comes from the middle english word Memorie which comes from the Anglo-French Memoire or Memorie. It is derived from the Latin word Memoria or Memor that means mindful or remembering.

When we want to remember something or a certain event, all of the memory network joins together to create a memory. This gets encoded in our brain, this process is when the memory is registered in our brain. Consolidation is what holds the memory to our brain. In order to have the memory we need to remember it again, this is called retrieval. The more we remember a memory, the more likely we are to create a stronger path to it and therefore remember it easily. Memory helps us to learn and adapt on our experiences and build on relationships.

A thought I found extremely interesting about memory is that it provides us to pass on information through generations orally or through writing. This is key to providing a social group as part of forming human societies. Writing was the primary way to store memories, long before the camera was invented. As Karl Lagerfield interestingly states “What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” This is even true with the human mind, we remember images more vividly in our mind, as one of my previous studies, artist Marco Suarez, states “Memories are more vivid than reality.” Both ways of memory preservation have their natural benefit.

Marco Suarez has really inspired me through his piece of writing on his website. He seems to have grasped so well the concept of memory through photography which is what I aim to do in this project.

“I began to realize that our memories are typically more vivid than reality. When we picture a place or time, the colors are more saturated, the lighting is more dramatic, and the emotions are more intense.” 

The way he describes a memory just makes it become so much more beautiful and personal. It becomes something that even the viewer has the ability to feel inside them.

The execution of the painting in my previous work is an exciting challenge that has made me think deeper about the images I am providing to the viewer. Having the group discussion earlier in the week did lead me to reconsider how I was putting across the image to the viewer as the point was made that the viewer will never have the same relationship to the artwork as I do. For the viewer my aim is purely discovery. I want them to discover my memories with me giving them a deeper insight to who I am as a person. A big part of my life is the move and so I would like to take the viewer on a journey to the place where I have grown up.

I have been starting to form some ideas of how I will go about my laser cutting session this week. Being that I am comfortable using the laser cutter, my aim is to experiment further and maybe try out some mediums. I would like to check with Anna if I can use paint on a medium before it is put under the laser. I am very much a fan of using paper in the laser cutter, I love the effect and delicacy it creates. However I am debating using wood in my work this time or possibly matt board as I would like to study pattern as my next port of call and I feel that I could paint on top of wood as after it being under the laser cutter and it would be a good experiment even if the result was negative. My idea for the design I want to put on the laser cutter is something that is a lot more basic than what I have been looking at in my other experimentation. The painting is rather complexed but I feel in order to benefit from what I have I need to look at many aspects of my memories. This is why I have decided to look at pattern and see how that could effect my viewer.

Even though this will not be a photograph, I am eager to see how it could turn into something that incorporates photography. My chosen image which I will hand draw is a Cicada, one of the most famous insects in the Provencal region. The reason I have chosen this is more down to the simplicity of how it could come across. I think I could use both the cut out material and the frame to enhance my experimentation. Along with this I am going to find out if I can put paint through the laser cutter, if the answer is yes, I feel my final piece could use laser cut elements. I would also like to try laser cutting a photo which is why the pumpkin photo could be of use here as well as in the screen printing session that I have explained below.


For my choice of Screen print image I have chosen two rather simplistic images. I decided that screen printing may lose some detail so I did not want to have an overcomplexed image that would ruin my final effect. If I do choose this as part of my final piece I want to have something that shows significance to memory and my personal memories.

My first image is a of my village in France where I felt I did most of my growing up. I thought even though the building are quite busy having the big gap at the top where the sky is could create an interesting space that I could play on post production. If the print does turn out clear, I think it would definitely be something I would be eager to expand on.

Screen print  choice 2


The next image is of the pumpkins just before they are harvested. I personally really love the autumn and it evokes a lot of memories for me and more recently in France where high importance is placed on agriculture. I thought the patterns were really interesting and being that this is the simpler of the two images, I could definitely work back into this wether it is reprinting another image or using another medium.

Screen print choice 1



Following on from this, in the forthcoming week my aim is to further experiment using the laser cutter and prepare for my screen printing class. I know the deadline is coming up soon for this project and I would really like to have a positive outcome using photography. I know what the main goals of my theme are at this point and I would really just love to get my head down and experiment and research in order that my work shows the best of my capabilities.










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