Through my research I have found it easier to find out what exactly it is I want to explore through this project. I have been inspired by the different mediums I have explored and been excited to start using them in my work. I feel this project will give me the opportunity to do lots of experiments.

Looking at what I would like to study through this project and actually making a decision has been quite hard. I wanted to research something that I would have a lot to explore and would be able to be a strong subject.

I decided to experiment with a couple of ideas I have in terms of actually creating a piece and how I would like to start exploring.


Experiment 1

Experiment 2

I did these three experimentation after being inspired by the style of Aliki Braine. I wanted to look at creating a “door” to another place and seeing what simple designs I could make using photoshop. The first two images are using photos that I have taken and paired together. I liked how the sea contrasted really well with the gardens and gave a interesting mix match of tones. I was not sure where I wanted to go with this imagery but I felt it was the start of something that I would like to continue. In the next piece I put the two images together because of the way they fitted together. They have the same perspective and it caught my eye they way they looked as if they belonged together. I also appreciate the contrast between the quite modern and older styles in the opposing photos.

The last image I created I took from the imagery in my summer project, mixing the original image with the painted image I done. This is what I would like to achieve in the other photos by creating a painted circle in the middle. I would like to physically manipulate this all. My aim is to try out embroidery as part of this.

From research and experimentation, my three routes will be:

1. Abandoned Spaces

This study would involve looking at abandoned spaces and their reality before the abandonment. This idea was brought on my the hotel next to the university which is completely empty. I makes me wonder what purpose it was before and this could be linked in with the theme of story telling.

2. “Not all those who wander are lost.”- J.R.R. Tolkien

I thought this quote linked in well with the idea of a portal to another world and the discovery that I create in my images. I also think this quote adds to my love of books and that is something that I really enjoy exploring in my work. I feel that this quote has a lot of different meanings and this could be in terms of both self discovery and adventure. I think I could make a lot of strong research and imagery with my quote that encompasses both reality and fantasy.

3. “Memories are more vivid than reality”

This quote by Marco Suarez (one of my chosen artists) brought up a lot of imagery for me. It made me think about how memory is so important to us as humans and how that is our way of keeping emotions and moments. I want to study this idea of keeping memories and try and explore this through my practice.





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