Being stuck at the beginning of this project, I was confused on exactly what route I wanted to go down. Therefore I decided to look at more artists to inform my practice.

Marco Suarez

“Memories are more vivid than reality”. 

American artist Marco Suarez digitally prints his images on watercolour paper. His spontaneous images focus on breathtaking views and his circle effect crops the composition of the landscape. I found his work eyecatching and interesting because it reminded me of Aliki Braine’s work with circles. I felt Suarez’ also touched on the idea of a porthole to another place, a place of escape and tranquility. I also think his way of printing on watercolour paper is alternative and something that would produce an interesting outcome. I would like to try this in my project.


Source: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/94043227/surfers?ref=shop_home_active_6

Odes Etranges

Although I could not find any further information on the piece, I really liked its mixed media element and the contrast of black and white with colour. I took this image because I think the clouds have been screen printed from a photo. I know we are going to try this process at some point so I wanted to explore a bit more about it.


Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/179018153909191006/

Teaspoon cover – Perfect Laughter

This caught my eye because I loved the two tonal effect and the mixture between illustration and photography but presented in an alternative way. Having also very strong imagery adds to the piece, it becomes bold but simple. The piece is in fact that it is based off a literary novel “A teaspoon of Earth and Fire” by Dina Nayeri.


Source: http://perfectlaughter.com/portfolios/a-teaspoon-of-earth-sea-cover/

Mountains – Kris Johnson

I really loved the form of this piece, I thought it made a change from a more square rectangular paper and for that reason it stood out. Kris Johnson is an American artist who has a independent design and screen printing studio. I love how the mountains stand out to the snow like patterns behind them making a strong contrast. The black and the white mountains contrast the more delicate paint splattered patterns in the background.  Again I think the mountains were screen printed from a photograph, something I am looking to explore.


Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/112941903130111271/

Dance-  Jose Romussi

Chilean artist Jose Romussi creates embroidered photos where he searches to “express and represent ideas”. By making these images he changes them, the thread acting as a medium to merge different time spaces. He applies his own perception of beauty to his images. His aim is create a new identity and different aesthetic which gives it the chance to have a new emotion, life and interpretation of beauty.

Dance-Anna-Pavlova Dance-Blue




Gerhard Richter

German artist Gerhard Richter is very versatile and has been active for 6 decades. Working in a medium of mixed media he creates paintings of photographs which are the ones I took an interest in. The way he paints his photos is incredible, they are so realistic and even take into account the focus on the real image.  I was so inspired by these that I based my summer project around them. I hope to continue working on using painting on my images.

Richter also works in large scale, making fantastic pieces working in acrylic, watercolour and oil. Drawing is another part of his vast practice.

More about Richter in my Summer Project: https://aliceeaton1305640.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/final-piece-and-final-piece-inspiration/

EXP-GERARDRICHTERBETTY_normal gerhard-richter_betty-betty-1977-huile-sur-toile_a930c052132








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