Our new brief “Cut Up” is  project based on the physical post production of the photographic image. Our aim is to steer away from the digital manipulation of photos to go “back to basics” and see what mediums we can use to create another kind of image. Mixing both photography and another art based medium, I feel this project is something I will really enjoy progressing in.

For next week we have been asked to complete self directed study in order to formulate three key routes which we have the possibility to explore further.

The first part of the task is to discover two artists from the class powerpoint and one artist who we have found on our own.

1. Miguel Rothschild

Miguel Rothschild is an Argentinian born artist who now lives in Berlin. The piece that was shown to us in class “Felices los que cree sin haber visto” caught my eye because of the process that was being displayed. Rothschild, by taking out small circular pieces from the image, seems to have sucked out a lot of the colour. By doing this he has created another piece entirely and all the colour feels as though it has dripped to the bottom. I like this effect because I feel it takes the meaning away from the typical beautiful image of the stain glass windows. I appreciate how much effort has gone into creating this piece and cutting out each section and I think the way it has been framed it also really strong.


Source: http://www.miguelrothschild.de/projects.html

Another one of his images that caught my attention is the piece called “The Birds“. In this Rothschild has taken a still from Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds and stuck to it cuttings of birds from selected art-historical paintings and engravings to show “the Holy Spirit” in another form. This makes for a very contrasting piece, on one hand we have the still of the film which feels quite worn and dated and then we have the birds who although have come from historical works, add a more modern dimension to the piece itself. I really appreciate the diversity of the styles in the images. Having this is something that I would like to explore in the task. I also feel that the ideas behind his work are well thought out, I feel he has carefully selected and chosen the message he wishes to convey and from there has brought us a simple but well executed work. 


Source: http://www.miguelrothschild.de/projects.html

2. Aliki Braine

After taking an interest in looking at contrast, I decided to look at photo manipulation by Aliki Braine who manipulates the negative of her photos. In her pieces she manipulates a circle in the middle of the photo. This for me represents a doorway or a portal to another time or era, this again presents an interesting concept. I like how she has manipulated her negative instead of her final image. I think how the manipulation has brought out all the textures that she has in her photo and this again adds effect in the image.


Circle/Square, Black and White Photograph, 120 x 120 cm, 2011

Source: http://www.alikibraine.com/AlikiBraine/Image8.html


Circle/Square, Black and White Photograph, 120 x 120 cm, 2011

Source: http://www.alikibraine.com/AlikiBraine/Image9.html

3. Melissa Zexter

Melissa Zexter’s work centres around embroidering photography, it encompasses femininity and is very figurative. By bringing together sewing and photography, she brought together two mediums that she loves and she feels that the embroidery transforms the identity of the person or place being photographed. The threads are the reaction to the past and present and link  herself to the photo, the threads make the image more personal for her.

Melissa uses a mixture of photographic technique, both digital and gelatin silver prints from the darkroom, she decides only after she has the print, how to manipulate it through photography.

Melissa draws her inspiration from many photographic artists including Anders Goldfarb (her first photography teacher)  Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, Lisette Model, Berenice Abbott, Gary Winogrand and Alec Soth. But she is also inspired by painters such as Mickalene Thomas, El Anatsui,Daniel Gordon and Florine Stettheimer. Not only this she draws inspiration from things around her,  maps, the ocean and vintage fabric design are just a few of these.

The pieces of art that she has created that really have caught my eye are

Russian City (http://www.melissazexter.com/maps-and-memories)

I love this piece because I feel the contrast between the gelatin print and the embroidered cover give the picture such an fascinating colour palette and style. This piece is part of maps and memories and I was immediately drawn in by its star constellation qualities. The art has intricate elements and time has clearly been taken to get each thread in exactly the right place. The contrasting colours also make it have more depth and the fact the underneath image is not clear, it makes us want to explore further.

and Girl with Bow (http://www.textileartist.org/melissa-zexter-interview-embroidered-photography/)


This piece again uses the same medium as the previous image, Gelatin silver print and thread. Even though both pieces encompass the same medium, they are very different. The threads on this photo give away a lot more of the image than Russian City, the choice of colour also adds to the overall theme of the photo. We can see its very themed around the little girl in the sense everything seems to be quite delicate and innocent.  The threads are soft colours but the harsh lines help to create another dimension to the image itself.

Source Information: http://www.textileartist.org/melissa-zexter-interview-embroidered-photography/

Website : http://www.melissazexter.com/


One thought on “Research on my new brief : Cut Up

  1. Inspiring artists – especially textured artists and use of embroidery!
    I hope you are well!
    Happy new year
    mail soon
    ps just saw Katia at school!

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