Session Two – Monday 1st December 

Our first session of the week was based on learning more about Photoshop, learning how to make GIFs, creating typography for logos and logos and continuing our websites.


We started off this week by refreshing our memory about mask layers and how to create them on Photoshop. I found this a positive exercise because it enables me to design my toys for my shop. Below I have created the Grow your own Minion and this will be one of the products sold in my “Vintage Toy Shop”.

Here is my imagery.

Grow your own Minion

Although this will not be my final image, I feel as though I have learnt something I can use and master.


Next we looked at how to make GIFs from both existing videos and our own images. I chose to select a cat video and take 13 seconds of it and see how it would work. When importing it I realised it was much too big and shortened the part I was going to show and the frames per second. I also put my GIF on a loop so it would not stop.

Here is my GIF.


I am really happy that I now have the skills to create a GIF and I would love to make my own Stop Motion using this idea in the future. Its great how I can also use this to animate my blog!


This session we also learnt how to make logos by vectorizing images. Here are two images I vectorized using different effects on Illustrator.

Minion Logo 1 Minion Logo 2

I would like to draw my own logo for next time to see how I can vectorize this and see the outcome.

Web Design

The last part of our session was a lead on from last week. We looked at inspecting elements on our webpage in order to change colour, I found this quite simple to due but all the coding around it made it complicated to see. This was the same when we were making a trial theme from our template, I needed a lot of help to get to grips with it and even then it was hard to understand. Next session I hope to finish setting up my trial template and also get my head around some of the language used. For me, this is one of the challenges I have faced whilst doing this skill set and by the end I hope to overcome this.

Session 4 – Friday 5th December 

Today we looked at using the HTML code and the CSS code further in detail. Sylvia took us through how to add titles, heading and paragraphs in order that we could create our own webpage. She challenged us to not only do this but to put coloured squares on our webpage using the codes that we had previously learnt. We also got the chance to learn how to change colours on links we put on the page so that when we visited, hovered and activated the link, it changed colour.

Here are some images of my coding.

WP_20141205_001 WP_20141205_003 \

WP_20141205_004WP_20141205_006  WP_20141205_005

To finish off the session we looked at trying to manipulate our own websites through inspecting the elements and then changing the code. I was really pleased because I managed to change the font and the colour of my website using coding. I am excited to continue making imagery so that I can really advance with my website before the christmas holidays.




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