“Always express the value that design brings to the environment” – Iris Dunbar 2014

This weeks industry talk was with the current president of the British Interior Design association and founder of the Interior Design School of London, Iris Dunbar.

Iris started off by telling us about how she began as a student studying science, after failing she turned back to her interest in the visual arts. She explained to us how in Scotland there was only four art school and if chosen you would attend the school closest to you.  She was selected to attend Dundee University and whilst there saw an advertisment for an Interior Design course. Having an interest in light, colour and space she decided to sign up. After doing a foundation, she pursued this as her specialty.

Iris took us through some of her projects up until now. Since 1972 when she did work at a building design company, she has completed a research study in London, been a part time tutor at Berkshire college of Art, had her own private practice, founded the Interior Design School of London and become president of the British Interior Design Association. (now changed to institute)

It is clear that Iris is very passionate about her subject. She explained to us that everybody is an interior designer because interior design is everywhere. Interior designer work from the inside out in conjunction with the architects who work outside in: Interiors are the heart and soul of the building. Iris said that in any art project it is crucial to have a red thread that represents the continuity of a project that if necessary we can easily trace back to brief. Through showing us different buildings such as the Arts Centre in Seoul she explained to us the real impact of interior design on human behaviour.

I found Iris’ talk interesting however I felt it was more centred towards those studying both Interior Design and Interior Architecture. After listening I found I had learnt something about both design and interiors themselves so I think although this talk was aimed elsewhere, I have taken something from it. It has made me want to look up more interiors because it has sparked an interest in terms of research and discovery.


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