This week I have started my Skills Sets unit and my first six week sessions which are based around digital. As I am not so comfortable using technology and software for my artwork, I was immediately interested to see what I could create and what new skills I could learn in order to be more confident in this medium.

Session 1 – Monday 24th November

During the first session, Sylvia told us that we were going to build our own website in order to show a topic that is linked to our brief “2025, Nostalgia for an age yet to come”. This caught my attention directly because even though I knew I was making a website in line with the brief, all the skills I learn can be easily transferred in order to create my own portfolio website.

Sylvia started off by talking us through the basics of web design. She explained to us how content is key and that in order to design a successful website, we would have to look at arrangement, how simple or complexed the website would be and our primary message. She also told us that typography is another thing we should look at whilst doing our research.

She then talked us through the more complexed side of the web, briefly describing internet trends and more technical terms such as HTML and CSS. Throughout all of this she was showing us examples of other website to get our mind working. Since we have only done a little on both Photoshop and Illustrator, she explained how she would take us through these two Adobe programs but also Muse and Dreamweaver.

This is the workflow we would be following in order to create our site.

1. Wire Frames, Skeleton ( Photoshop, Illustrator etc)

2. Finding our theme

3. Adapting theme to our first ideas.

She explained we would be using a content management system which would enable us to adapt our theme how we wished.  She said that we could also link our websites to social media collectives and we must look at having a responsive design.

Before the end of the session she briefly talked us through Webhosts and how they work. We were going to be using an existing host that is used by the university. We would create our site through WordPress as it is the number one blogging platform in the world and also we have a basic familiarisation with it.

My website would be alice.wecreatetogether.net

Session 2 – Friday 28th November

In this session we started off by having a brief introduction to Illustrator in order to start making the skeleton for our website. I learnt we have to use RGB instead of CMYK because our website is tailored for the screen and not to be printed. I also learnt what pixels to use and we looked at what the icons meant and how we could use them.

The majority of the rest of the session was very much personal work as Sylvia came round to help us as we chose our personal themes to upload to our WordPress and created our skeletons on Illustrator. I felt having time to get to grips with Illustrator helped us to learn about what effects we could create. Also having the liberty to choose our own WordPress themes which we had to search for, helped me to understand this process.

This is the website I have created during our session this week.

alice website

My content for my website is based around a toyshop of the future which sells both the toys of 2030 and vintage toys which are toys in 2025. I have been exploring briefly some ideas and I hope during my self directed study to start gathering some concrete ideas and start creating my imagery.



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